Outlook not updating calendar exchange

23-Nov-2019 23:17

Reservations: In Severa it is possible to add reservations as participants for an activity.Reservations are managed in Tools Reservation is visible in the participants list in Severa, but this information is not transferred to Outlook calendar. In Outlook, when invitation is send to Resource calendar to book a meeting room, resource calendar is shown as participant in Severa.If entry is updated or deleted either in Severa or in Outlook, also external attendee will be notified.

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outlook not updating calendar exchange-74

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If there is no activity type “personal” in Visma Severa’s activity type settings then default activity type is used when entries are synced.Activities made in Visma Severa will be retrieved for use in Microsoft Exchange/Office 365 and activities made in Microsoft Exchange/Office 365 will be sent to Visma Severa.