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I also consider Alliance for Nursing Informatics (ANI) to be a key source because it provides the opportunity to collaborate across numerous nursing informatics groups to provide a unified voice for nursing informatics. That helps me in my work life to make the connection and understand the potential of what we can do with this performance and health data.

Through the ANI emerging leaders program, I was provided a thoughtful, insightful mentor, Susan Hull, who continues to be a tremendous source of support for me in the field. Gil Kuperman as the best coworker to provide regular guidance and to answer all of my burning informatics questions. All of my athletes are required to submit heart rate and power data from their workouts.

It was at that time I recognized that technology can really help us in the workplace.

Our laws aren't the only confusing thing about Canadians.

I’d love to see my work impact the intersections of illness, wellness and prevention. I am constantly learning and rely on my colleagues and their research to stay up to date because it is an area that is moving so quickly. My very big hobby is that I am an elite triathlete and regularly compete in Ironman triathlons.

So from an academic and research perspective, I think it is very important. International perspectives on sharing clinical data with patients. I also am a triathlon coach, which gives a unique perspective because I have a bird’s eye view of what data athletes are collecting in their everyday lives.

Appl Clin Inform, 2012;3(4):356-366,(PMID: 23227134) Lucero, R., Sheehan, B., Yen, P., Velez, O., Nobile-Hernandez, D., & Tiase, V. I serve on the leadership team for the Nursing Informatics Working group, and I also serve as an AMIA mentor for new students coming into the field.

(2014): Identifying Consumer’s Needs of Health Information Technology through an Innovative Participatory Design Approach among English- and Spanish-speaking Urban Older Adults. I lived in Spain for a summer so I am proficient in Spanish.

Check out these Canadian phrases our American neighbours just don't get.

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