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08-Apr-2019 20:36

For those who have the eponymous book, it's a sort of making-of, behind the stage and even incomplete as all the really hard stuff isn't in this video : here we have the beach, cycling, dancing sequences.Thus, it's quite awful with sloppy black and white for the visual and really personal fantasies for the content : the soundtrack isn't even enjoyable as it's a compilation of old french tunes !

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As a result, she developed a soulful style of singing like her idols."My first CD that I owned was Aretha Franklin: Greatest Hits.

Madonna and Baron compiled an hour of the footage for this film.

It premiered during the release party for the book.

Madonna also had 100 copies of the film made to give to her closest friends.

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She and Baron also used some of the footage for the video for her song "Erotica".Maybe the only interest of this video compared to the book is that by definition, it's moving pictures so you have a little more than just a static frame !