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And when I told him he was shocked, and said, ‘Wow, you’re tainted.’ I said, ‘What? He said, ‘Yeah, because of the attacks, the rapes and what you’ve gone through.’” Suffice to say, he soon was her ex-boyfriend.

Grier hopes that the women who’ve relived horrible memories in this #Me Too moment felt the relief she did after taking advice that Steinem gave her back when Grier became the first African-American actor to grace the magazine cover, long before Grier was ready to talk about her sexual assaults. I’ve lost too much.’ I think, ‘How do I help this man who is so despondent, and who has a gun?

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“If you go to meet someone on a business deal, your lawyer, manager, agent, someone must always be with you.

I wonder if they saw my films and thought that I probably could beat them up.

And you know, I could, because I studied enough martial arts seriously that I probably could have really hurt someone.” While Grier didn’t have the horror stories that so many Hollywood women have come forward to tell since Weinstein was the subject of several exposé articles, she knew several of the fallen men.

If I didn’t have John the agent to go with me to the industry dinners or cocktail parties, I stayed away from them.

I didn’t really experience the sexual harassment you might think.Her attacker subsequently was killed, possibly by her uncle — an incident that so upset the future poet that she didn’t speak for the next five years. Said Grier: “My grandfather Daddy Ray taught all us girls to hunt, fish, shoot and drive the boat and a tractor. If I had told my family, especially what happened when I was 6?