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Headquartered in the Cathedral of Mary Mother of Sorrows, Baghdad, Iraq, since 1950, it is headed by the Catholicos-Patriarch Louis Raphaël I Sako.It comprises 640,828 members, mostly Chaldean Christians living in northern Iraq, with smaller numbers in adjacent areas in northeastern Syria, southeastern Turkey and northwestern Iran, a region roughly corresponding to ancient make it simple: Christians that originated in ancient-Mesopotamia and now settle in northern Iraq...Detroit, MI, San Diego, CA, Windsor, ON, and various parts of Europe and Asia.The only way you will ever be able to get into a Chaldeans house is when you are respected and only that- respect is more important than anything and it goes both ways.Upon taking your shoes off after you close the door behind you, you are greeted by parents who want to know your last name and what village you're from and if you know 30-40 other Chaldeans they might think you're related to.

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For the Assyrian Church of the East in India see, see Chaldean Syrian Church.At the end of these type of conversations you find out you're basically my 4th cousin and you are welcome to help yourself to the fridge anytime you are in the hood.