Who is somaya reece dating from terror squad

08-May-2019 13:22

Juelz Santana's baby momma and "booty" model Kimbella caught ANOTHER beat down..this time it was from newcomer Erica Mena. LOL If you watched the episode, then you KNOW that Erica didn't win the "fight" ...kimbella had a scratched up face, and the erica had a lumpy face. And hopefully erica will NOT become a regular on the show. S If she won the fight, WHY WOULD SHE CALL THE POLICE??? From the clip Erica got her butt kicked I saw this ish--I admit that this show is one of my faves..it changed my perception of Kimbella.

Erica, whose baby daddy is Raul from Terror Squad, thinks of herself as a "real" model and video chick. Because she started doing videos at 16 (she's now 24) back when video chicks had "credibility." Her words, not mine. I didnt like her at first but she is just trying to make a come-up the same way alot of other model/video chicks do. but I'm confident and I'm not a hater: which are clearly two traits that Erica-chick lacks!

I mean seriously, who the fuck knows who she is, or who the fuck her baby daddy is?

Erica tried to throw shade at Kimbella having Juelz as her babies father but I would rather have him, who has some kind of a career and is making money to fucking Raul from Terror Squad. It was a shame because like Yancy said, on paper they are the same person and should have been able to get along but again jealously is a hell of a drug and Erica needs to go to rehab for it!

Kills ANY game.) Erica claims the modeling game is diluted because of their thirst, so she took it out on Kimbella's face and hairline. Chrissy did her thing with the clothing line and should be on a paper as a partner... And like most punk asses, when you see that you also got 'eff'd up, now you wanna call the police.

Once Erica saw the slash on her own face, the cops were called. Erica punked out & called the police yet she started the whole thing with her mouth.

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I think they have a past but I didnt like how Yandy sat her instigator ass down there and just let it pop off without interfering earlier on. ummmm i seen da fight i wudnt say Erica won , i mean it wasnt even a good fight ..Erica face was messed up Kim had scratches but they both look pretty messed up ...i jus think Erica was trying to get some face time on t.v Erica was wrong plain and simple... » EXCLUSIVE: The Black Girl Love Fest At Black Girls Rock! When people see violence over and over they think it's appropriate and justified. Kimbella tried to keep it cool but like she said she lost it when Erica mentioned the her son and Juelz, I would of thrown a drink as well shit. People are acting out more and more all across this nation and it has more to do with these SHOWS than people may think.Also I have to say that Kimbella is definitely the better looking of the two. Erica should not have popped off in the first place, she didn't even know Kimbella to start talking reckless.

Erica is cute but she needs to eat more and was wrong for that Solid Gold pantsuit that she was wearing. Does anyone remember that Erica was also on the Kardashian show as one of the employees in the DASH store. However, I think Yandy was the wrong one for bringing Erica around Kimbella when she knew she felt a certain type of way about her. :-) Yandy knew there was a negative vibe coming out of Erica and she still brought her around... Instigators aka firestarters are punks and always will be....

It was complete foolery and classlessness on both ends, but Erica started it! Is Everything You Need & More» EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK: A Fight In The Lobby Between Gizelle & Karen On 'RHOP' Is Messier Than We Thought» EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: Model & Miguel's Better Half Nazanin Mandi Reveals How Overcoming Body Dysmorphia & Eating Disorders Led To Her 'Body Of Work'» Houston Man SHOOTS Two Men After They Tried To 'Catcall' His Girlfriend At A Gas Station - WATCH» When The 'D' Appointment Doesn't Show Up!