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There, however, will be seats in the back if you prefer to sit.

Here is your chance to flex your creative muscles as a video editor while also using your encyclopedic knowledge of all things Supernatural!

When you enter the Music Video content, think about which epic SPN moments might be best to set to music!

• One SUPERNATURAL music video may be submitted, and only one. • If submitting a flash drive, please make sure all files are compatible with Quicktime.

The dance areas are on a first come, first served basis. We want to meet the real you, whether that's your everyday wear, or the wizard you are inside, so come dressed for the party and join us in a high-energy night of frivolity!

Days that guests are signing autographs and taking photo ops are listed next to their name in the Autographs and Photo Ops section of this website.We are so proud to host this amazing night of music, which truly shows how multi-talented those Supernatural stars are.