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Well of course lifestyle everywhere good with that kind of money but ppl in London roughly 50% earn under 2k net.For them much more difficult to live a good life in London.Any views on what the lowest package I can agree to? of London wages/salaries: unskilled worker, 40 hours per week- average gross salaries paid by employers 19K per year, employee will see 17K on payslip with a net pay (after deductions) of 15.5K Semi-skilled, same as the above with 10-20% more money. electricians)- average gross paid by employer 43K per year, on payslip 39K, net 30K.Average in financial services- paid by employer 61k per year, on payslip 55K, net 40K.Most of tax is spend on wealfare paid by those who produce (ie. For example, 75% of budget is paid in by 20% of active individuals, so they are outvote every time because people on "free" healthcare, schools, housing etc have more votes at any election.

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If i were you i would buy a house, most flats are "lease" (ex. London has allot of boroughs were you have one or two nice streets surrounded by bad areas (ex. @Anonymous on Mar 19, 2019 Queen does not elect Parliament, does not control the executive, etc.

There is enough and more for every single person’s needs. And in the New Testament, the meals in which Christians share – and the Eucharist is among them – are meant to be a true sign of that yet-to-be-realised banquet and Kingdom. Continue Commentary on 1 Thess 4:1-8 The latter part of Paul’s letters usually includes some practical exhortations to the particular church to which he is writing.