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29-Jul-2019 15:45

She mentions Mary Matalin, a Republican political strategist. These are the things that really matter in terms of relationships, in my experience." Her advice is pretty obvious. She's telling me to shut up and listen to my dates before judging them. I match with a guy whose Tinder bio reads "political dabbler." He tells me he appreciated my swiping advice. " Political Dabbler: "I certainly did." Me: "Smart man. He likes whiskey and John Wayne movies, neither of which I have much experience in—I'm a strong, independent woman who likes her fruity drinks.

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How could I possibly date a Republican when our most important values clash? I don’t expect their families to believe as I do, but they can’t support Donald Trump or Ted Cruz.His dad sold agricultural equipment, and that's what he wants to do too. " Me: "Um…sure." Trump Groupie: "I like that he's different than the other candidates." Me: "But…he says a lot of offensive stuff." Trump Groupie: "Listen, the media is conspiring to make him look bad. And that's how I ended up listening quietly to a string of opinions that made me want to throw my omelet at his face. My second date, with another guy, doesn't go much better. Maybe we would make progress as a country, or as people. Because we made one another laugh and could talk for hours.

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