Are we dating of hanging out

30-Oct-2019 02:06

are we dating of hanging out-31

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Hanging out is the very beginning stages of some modern romances.

It's the period where you two not just learn about each other but see how well you two mesh.

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And while there my be the occasional dirty joke among friends, it's more shit talking than leading/escalating acts. I'm in her corner for better or worse and she can count on me to do anything I can to help her.

When I imagine my life, years down the road, her and her happiness are large factors in it. I have a female friend who seems to start everything off the same way.

I have one and we've been friends for 6 years now, she's great to hang out, you don't have to have sex with a woman to have fun with her.

Dating has a much more physical component, there are generally more probing/measuring questions, nuance sexual innuendo... You're more than just two people who know each other. If I'm dating a girl it's because I see qualities in her that I could see myself marrying one day.

Some people like that ambivalence but I find it fertile ground for misunderstanding.

Better to make things unambiguous, if even only to save yourself time and investment.

I've always had a really hard time making the distinction; I've seen/received advice to hang out with a woman I'm interested in as friends before dating, I've been told by women they don't want to date but want to hang out as friends, etc. Would we act differently, do different activities, etc?

I think romance and sex is obviously one distinction to make (other than friends with benefits, have literally no clue what the difference is between that and dating is? I hope this doesn't come across as weird/cringey, or even the right place to ask for that matter. Establish rapport before asking a woman out but don't befriend her to date her.

She's told me stories about how she has gotten to know her boyfriends, the stuff they have done together before confessing interest, and it's identical to the stuff she did to get to know me but she has stated she isn't interested in me romantically.

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