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The fluid and tissues act as a bumper between the brain and the skull.The cerebrospinal fluid also acts as an electrical conduit between the different parts of the brain and nerves, and it carries nutrients from the blood to the brain.

With this knowledge, make sure that all the proper tests are performed, thorough notes are taken by the physician, and the necessary conditions are officially diagnosed so that when the Rating Authorities apply these principles, they will have a complete record of every facet of your condition.

Infections (like meningitis) can also result from TBI and cause damage to the tissues of the brain.

The brain controls every single function in the entire body, whether it be involuntary (beating the heart, digesting food, etc.), voluntary (moving the arm, speaking, etc.), or cognitive (thinking, problem solving, making decisions, etc.).

If the brain condition is caused by an illness or is genetic, then it is not considered TBI and cannot be rated here.

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Please see The Central Nervous System page for conditions of the brain and nerves or the Mental Disorders page for psychiatric conditions.The VA will then conduct new examinations and rate the condition under the new ratings.