Unhappy married women chat

13-Oct-2019 15:13

I asked the experts and learned eight of the most common reasons that husbands become unhappy.

The feeling of being head over heels in love is powerful.

And while those pipe dreams might have nothing to do with your husband, that "grass is always greener" mentality may actually be putting a strain on your relationship.

"When we are focused on the disappointments, which inevitably occur in our lives, rather than the good stuff, it becomes a downward spiral," Weks told me.

Getting married is one of life's most exciting milestones.

The romantic proposal, the gorgeous engagement ring, the fairytale wedding — all of it just screams, "happily ever after." Unfortunately, once the honeymoon phase subsides, many couples are faced with the harsh reality that marriage can be pretty darn difficult.

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I get it, and I'm trying my best to be less of a critic.