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I was literally in tears laughing because I was laughing so hard.“I think a lot of time what this show does for us when we read the scripts, and we're working through the scripts, and we're working through the dialogue, we're taking a moment to really understand each other.Even off camera, Beth [Behrs] and Max [Greenfield] have questions to me and Cedric. I've gone through the whole light-skinned/dark-skinned thing back in the '90s.But, that opportunity gives me a chance to show Black women in a different light. It was always about seeing the upside, seeing the positive out of it... We gotta get in a position where we have the power to be able to control that and be a part of that, and not wait for somebody to give it to us.”You've worked with Martin Lawrence, Chris Rock, and now Cedric the Entertainer. I love that the Butlers are the “normal” family, and we watch this white family next door try to figure it out and get it together.“Yes!You don't normally see it.”My favorite scene of the show was the one about washcloths and wigs in episode 2, when Tina is shocked to discover that her white peers don't use washcloths to shower. Just like on the show, most of the white girls said that they didn't use washcloths and the women of color were shocked! ”I love how you guys played on it and used comedy to address it.

There's still hurdles and barriers that we have to break down.

There should be more amazing roles written for Black women.

, announced in a statement Thursday, "After 27 years of being together and two amazing children, it pains me to announce that I've filed for divorce." She added to E!

was one of the key shows in a Black sitcom renaissance that occurred in the late ‘90s and early aughts.

But as the popularity of this specific television genre has ebbed and flowed, Arnold has kept up with its pace.

But versus the roles for the white women, we got a long way to go.