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Accompanied by his mother Edna, he arrived in the UK from British Guiana on 18 April 1950 as a two year old infant.

His father, Winston Mc Kenzie, was a jazz bass player.

He killed his mother Edna, father Winston, and brother-in-law Richard Sims. He bored a hole through the bathroom ceiling and fired a CS gas shell into the room.

Mc Kenzie immediately rushed out on to the landing holding a knife in each hand. He was eventually restrained injuring a policeman in the process.

He was literally a genius and he was playing with people like Alexis Korner, taking over from Jack Bruce, and he was like, wow, this guy is something else.

His younger brother played guitar and both of them introduced me to lots of other musicians in their area, North London” Brown later recalled: “I thought he was way ahead of his time. But his parents got very heavy about it and called the police in (during 1968) and Binky did time.

In 1972 he was convicted for the manslaughter of his parents and brother-in-law and detained at Broadmoor Hospital.

His parents were UK immigrants from Guyana, formerly British Guiana.

To date, the gallery has presented exhibitions in 2010, 2013, and 2016 devoted to Mc Laughlin’s paintings as a seminal figure in West Coast abstraction in post WW II California.

In his constructions, the use of black and white unmasks the question of what is foreground or background, light or absence of light, compression or expansion.

The artist considers the possibilities of what constituted a successful composition by cutting and arranging squares and strips of paper adhered with miniature pieces of tape.

"Our heartfelt and deepest sympathies are with his father Mike, sister Angela and the rest of his family. Always Always Brother Bear..."We are stunned at the news of the death of two-time U. Out of respect to the family, we will have no further comment until a later time.— U. Figure Skating (@USFigure Skating) January 19, 2019Coughlin, 33, won a U. pairs title in 2011 with Caitlin Yankowskas and another in 2012 with Caydee Denney. Center for Safe Sport, a non-profit that works to prevent abuse in sports, announced in December that Coughlin's participation in figure skating was restricted as the organization looked into a matter involving him. Figure Skating said Coughlin was temporarily suspended from participating "in any capacity, in any activity or competition" tied to the skating league or the U.

Our heartfelt and deepest sympathies are with his father Mike, sister Angela and the rest of his family. Coughlin told USA Today in early January that the allegations against him were "unfounded" and he was prevented from speaking about the case while it was pending. Coughlin's death came just days before the national figure skating championships begin in Detroit.He had a bit of a chip on his shoulder, because at the time, black musicians had a hard time of it. When he came out of the ‘nick’ (prison), he was one very, very angry young man indeed.” In 1969 Mc Laughlin also referred to this initial period of incarceration in the liner notes to ‘Extrapolation’, saying at the time he felt that Binky had been “unjustly jailed with his brother Bunny”.

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