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11-Sep-2019 00:51

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“She wants to have a deeper connection and make and learn how to create a deeper sense of self,” she said.

“She’s not alone in her story, and she also has to deal with friends who challenge her.” The film was partly inspired by a panel Roman attended years earlier about dating from a man’s perspective.

14, examines committing to celibacy in the age of social media.

A new romantic comedy film about a Brooklyn woman exploring celibacy is going to screen in Greenpoint on Nov. Filmmaker Crystal Roman’s film, “Cecilia the Celibate,” follows a late twenties Afro-Puerto Rican woman trying to commit to a new lifestyle.

But the challenge comes with a struggle, as well as pushback from her friends about trying to change the tune on dating habits she has never done before.

But Cecilia aims to look beyond those societal expectations and set her own terms.

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“It’s about being celibate but it’s also a funny, serious topic with a lot of humor to it,” she said.“It can be hard because we live in a hyper-sexual society and sometimes it’s not even up to date three and sex is already a topic,” said Roman.