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COLLECTED PAPERS OF HENRY SWEET OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS LONDON EDINBURGH GI-ASGOW NEW YORK TORONTO MELBOURNE BOMBAY HUMPHREY MILFORD M. PUBLISHER TO THE UNIVERSITY COLLECTED PAPERS OF HENRY SWEET //( ARRANGED BY H. WYLD OXFORD AT THE CLARENDON PRESS ' 1913 ^v,^-'-' /. TO PKOFESSOK JOHANN STORM OF Christiania The Veteran Linguist, Phonetician, AND Scholar THIS Collection of Henry Sweet's Shorter Papers IS dedicated In Memory of their Long and Unbroken Friendship AND OF 3IANY Happy Days of Kindly Companionship Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2007 with funding from IVIicrosoft Corporation OOsweeuoft PREFACE This selection from the shorter writings of Henry Sweet was made at the request and with the approval of Mrs. 448 Spoken Portuguese (1883) 465 Spoken North Welsh (1884) .... GENERAL PRINCIPLES WORDS, LOGIC, AND GRAMMAR [Keprinted from the Transactions of the Philological Society y 1875-6, pp. The same paper appeared also, with some modifications, in the Journal of the Anthropological Institute, May, 1877, under the title oi Language and Thought.^ Summary of Contents Introduction — page Importance of Modern Languages 2 Importance of Phonetics . 3 Sentence- and Word-Division — Necessity of Taking Breath Postulates Sentence-Division . Philologists forget, however, that the history of language is not one of decay only, but also of reconstruction and regene- ration.

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I betragtning af kundetilfredsheden så synes Blue Host dog at falde bagud, med mange højlydte klager fra tidligere brugere.

No apology is needed to the learned world for reprinting them. 4 Note — System of Phonetic Writ- ing 4 Word-Division a Complex Phe- nomenon .... They have further the great advantage of being perfectly accessible to the observer. Winkler, General Netfierland and Friesian Dialecticon, 76. Wordsworth, conventional mytho- logy in, 258 ; influence of, on Shelley, 279 ; , limitations of nature-sense of, 251, 252 ; treat- ment of light in, 281, 282.

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