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I'm not going to show you every communication skill in the book but I will give you a primer to get you started and if you want the full course - do it because knowing and learning the RIGHT COMMUNICATION SKILLS is one of the most important skill to have in ANY relationship.It's what separates the ones that flourish and grow from the ones that fail either slowly over time OR in a flash without you even realizing when that it did just happen. Of course no one will ever ask you to set them aside and so you shouldn't ever ignore them.Instead, be the best version of yourself; be confident without being pushy, interested without being nosy, and attentive without being creepy.Let them see the real you, because at the end of the day, that’s who you want them to like.When you inadvertently ignore a loved one’s feelings, it is destructive to your relationship. They won’t come to you to share anything of significance.In the future, that person may not want to discuss anything heart-felt with you because they will assume that you don’t want to hear about it. They’ll say they’re “Fine,” even when they’re far from feeling fine. They won’t trust you with their innermost thoughts.

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She’s heard it all, about her legs and her eyes and her hair…Telling someone they've changed and then asking why is normally taken or perceived as something negative. Remember this isn't a normal first fight where a guy feels he can just hit back.