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“Like sex, masturbation will be more fulfilling if you make it a full-body experience.”Bringing your legs together just as you’re approaching orgasm will make masturbation (and sex) more pleasurable.

Cleman says doing so increases stimulation to the clitoral organ, which is actually six to eight inches long, on average.

"[It] will give a sudden boost to your sensations, and can push you over the edge immediately," she says.

"Just don’t do it too early when your body can’t possibly orgasm yet.” When you want to masturbate but don't have much time, Cleman says it's best to hone in on a single sexual fantasy and stick to it.

Lubricant is not meant to be reserved for penetrative sex; using it is an easy way to get you to orgasm faster, Cecilia says.

Just make sure you purchase one that works best for your body — if you have a history of frequent UTIs, yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, or you just feel more sensitive down there, Cecilia says a more natural, water-based lubricant is likely to work well as it has fewer ingredients that could potentially be irritating. "[They] tend to have better stimulation and produce better orgasms,” she says.

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“Run your hands all over your body, as your partner would do, and give attention to your breasts, hips, and other areas where being touched turns you on,” she suggests.

So there is always a great deal of men for all tastes to choose from.