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The audition was arranged by Barry Mc Guire, who had befriended Cass Elliot and John Phillips independently during the previous two years, and who had recently signed with Dunhill. The quartet's debut album, If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears, followed in February 1966 and became its only No. The third and final single from the album, "Monday, Monday", was released in March 1966. Recording was interrupted when Michelle Phillips became indiscreet about her affair with Gene Clark of the Byrds. He then rewound the tape and inserted the vocals in their proper position.

The Mamas and the Papas made its first recording singing background vocals on Mc Guire's album This Precious Time, although it had already released a single of its own by the time the album appeared in December 1965. While Gibson was a quick study and well regarded, the three original members concluded she lacked her predecessor's "stage charisma and grittier edge," and Michelle Phillips was reinstated on August 23, 1966. On playback, the mistaken early entry could still be heard, making it sound as though Doherty repeated the first three words, singing "I saw her ... Lou Adler liked the effect, and told Howe to leave it in the final mix.

They tumbled onto the stage, shambled around, and just got nowhere.

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Denny Doherty once revealed that he and John were invited over to Cielo Drive on the night of the murders but declined the invitation.

Their sound was based on vocal harmonies arranged by John Phillips, the songwriter, musician, and leader of the group who adapted folk to the new beat style of the early 1960s.

The Mamas and the Papas released a total of five studio albums and 17 singles over a four-year period, six of which made the Billboard top 10, and have sold close to 40 million records worldwide.

During recording of "I Saw Her Again", lead singer 'Denny Doherty' (v) came in too early with the first line of the third chorus, a mistake that was intentionally left in by producer Lou Adler during mixing.

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The group was part of what was deemed "The In Crowd" or "The Beautiful People of L. Their circle of friends included Jane Fonda, Jack Nicholson, Joni Mitchell, Warren Beatty, David Crosby, Graham Nash, Dennis Hopper, Cher and Mick Jagger.Named The Beatles as influences on their own music.