Cherry blossom 1st picture dating

21-Nov-2019 14:13

The soft peach petals are reminiscent of a photo you would find in your grandmother’s attic … The two ounce wedding stamp features a gold striped ribbon weaving through the flowers while the forever first class wedding features a burlap cone.So romantic, old fashioned and perfect postage for a vintage wedding!Link here for a sneak peak at the 2019 USPS designs.Bright pink peach blossoms celebrate the lunar new year for the Year of the Boar – the 12 and final stamp in the Lunar New Year series.However, make sure it’s a HUGE occasion because these come in a minimum of 3000 (coiled stamps) Year of the Ram – Forever Stamp for 2015 – first class under one ounce.-The year of the ram stamp showcases the Chinese new year with a candy tray with an assortment of dried fruits and candies for a sweet beginning. Year of the Horse – Forever Stamp for 2014 – first class under one ounce – Love the colors on these stamps …Perfect for a spring wedding or other special occasion.Each of the five stamps depicts a close-up photograph of a different species of fern.

The Seashell series is the design for the 2017 postcard prices for forever stamps (price is 34 cents per postcard).

The vibrant roses, peonies and dahlias represent the timelessness of love in its varying stages of bloom.